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Human Plague (CD)

  • Human Plague (CD)

Released under record label Rambo Music, a division of GAIN Music Entertainment/Sony Music, the album contains eleven songs set in a dystopian near future and runs alongside the likes of Lamb of God, In Flames and Arch Enemy.

The cover and 8-page booklet design is produced by the award-winning Graphic Designer Sam Hayles and DOSEprod. Recorded and produced by Daniel Antonsson (formerly of Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity) at Gothenburg Rock Studios. Guest vocal appearance on ‘Never Alone’ by Maria Strandén (formely of Therion).

Track list:
1. The Grid
2. Virus
3. Rust
4. Never Alone (feat. Maria Strandén)
5. Feed The Fire
6. Ignorance Divine
7. Five Feet Down
8. Cut Out From Hell
9. The Pendulum Swing
10. Endgame
11. Human Plague

Total running time: 51:57 min.